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1986 1989 Yaacov provided full time consultancy services to Purolator Technologies pioneering the design and assembly of test stands for hydraulic filters. A special electronic board was designed to interface to a PC and a 20,000 lines software was written to control and monitor the apparatus.
In 1990, Yaacov merged to the private sector with a new startup software company that created a special software product for the vast growing wholesale watch business. The company was sold in 1998 just before immigrating back to Israel.
1996 2000 Few contracts with US Government, acting as project manager and on others as project supervisor, overseeing the progress and development of products designed and menufactured by sub-contractor companies for US Defence Department.
1998 2014, Yaacov worked on several hi-tech projects including some personal inventions (Coupon, IP Radio, POS Terminal, The Game), both in Israel and The US, leading teams of professionals from the initial design of the product through manufacturing, marketing, and sales.
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