Well, If you have an idea storming in your brain, we can dig it out, write it up, and patent it (** if it is patentable).
If you already wrote a patent with a professional writer, we can help you define product specifications, design and build the prototype – hardware, software, electronic, mechanical, etc.
Patent is not mandatory millstone for success, we can help to get a “mother” company to market the product, negotiate royalties, review partnership contracts, and supervise progress.
We can perform and consult about managerial functions such as company structure, marketing options, accounting system, advise on management team, computer architecture and personnel job definition and activity.
All of these responsibilities can be compensated by either defining a fixed price per contract, pay per hour, or maybe part of the business – what ever suites you.
We are offering 25 years of vast consulting experience - try us.
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